B2B and B2C video content is in high demand. Sight and sound combine to tell stories in engaging ways. The written word is powerful but seeing and hearing touches emotions beyond the reach of print. With today’s digital outlets, video has become a necessity and not just a broadcast option. Educational and entertaining, video is a critical tool for brand enhancement, sales, plant and program intros, tutorials, training, how-to and demos, and more.

The Art and Science of Young Plants

Oglesby Plants International is a world leader in the breeding, tissue culture, propagation, and production of young plants for commercial growers. Featuring Oglesby’s innovations in tropicals and foliage, mandevilla breeding, and grasses from their outdoor patio and garden product line.

Ready for Spring

Showcasing the excellence of the family-owned Saunders Brothers wholesale nursery serving independent garden retail, landscape, and re-wholesale across four generations.

All Dressed Up and Someplace to Go

Short animation for HIP Label’s exclusive solution for branding generic black nursery containers. HIP’s pot wraps offer full-color printing with excellent durability for container production and high-key presentation at garden retail.

Passing the Torch to a New Generation of Plant

In the words of the creators, the story of Saunders Genetics’ 70-year journey to meet the opportunity and challenge of a new era for the timeless landscape classic- boxwood. NewGen® Boxwood envisions a new landscape for the beloved standard through trialing, selecting, and marketing superior boxwood selections.

The Short Story of the New Vision for Boxwood

The abbreviated introduction of NewGen® Boxwood concept- the new era of boxwood.

Connective Packaging with Augmented Reality

Introducing HIP Labels’ exclusive platform, HIP Engager™, that uses ordinary plant tags as launch pads to a world digital interaction with gardening consumers. Scanning picture tags at point-of-sale with smart phones immerses the viewer in a world of education and entertainment.

New World View of the Classic Landscape

Unique 3-D animation for Saunders Brothers puts a modern spin on the boxwood expertise and offerings of the industry's leader in the development and production of the landscape classic. Featured on retail plant tags utilizing HIP Labels’ Engager™.

Little Message for a Little Bird

Short animated/video content about hummingbirds created for interactive plant tags using the HIP Engager™ digital platform.

Turning New Earth- the Vision of Novalis® Plants that Work®

High-end video production detailing the groundbreaking concept that brought breeders, growers, and garden retailers together to provide solution-based plants to gardeners. Gone from the stage but the still the model for industry partnerships today.

Hoop House Cover Like No Other

Stunning large-format printing for Skinner Garden Store uses a hoop house frame to display a world of color to an adjacent elevated busy highway. Drone footage catalogs the unique 68x44’ one-piece mesh vinyl application.