Creating strategic messages with visual and informative impact for a wide array of products and services. Interesting formats, striking images, and succinct and salient copy combine for effective brand support. Hands-on design, visual illustration, and writing keep projects up close and personal.


Start the Presses

Press kit for the introduction of the landmark lavender, Lavender Phenomenal®. Housed in a uniquely die cut pocketfolder, enclosures detail Phenomenal®’s discovery and journey to the marketplace. Cultural info and best growing practices for producers and benefits for gardeners give editors a wealth of information to help spread the big news


Beyond CBD to CBDa

ChyloCure™’s patent-pending magnesium-infused cannabinoid complex, Chylobinoid®, is introduced to re-wholesale and consumer audiences. Direct mail and leave-behind literature explains a highly technical lab-based advancement for CBDa-rich hemp flower extract products, yielding greater potency and absorption into the bloodstream.


Relief at Retail

An array of in-store signage and counter literature highlights ChyloCure™’s exclusive Chylobinoid® hemp-based products. Pain relief options and health benefits for a variety of capsule and topical offerings are relayed at point-of-sale in pharmacies and health stores.


Join the Revolution

Tandem B2B message for independent retail and the landscape segments introduces a giant leap forward for the classic boxwood. Improved disease and pest resistance are the hallmarks of the new generation. Images and copy showcase retail appeal for garden centers, durability for architects, designers, and contractors and wow factor for both groups.


Plant Program Workhorse

Every branded plant needs the proverbial product sheet for the details that matter to the industry. Botanical and trademark names for the record, origins, cultural, growing, and care information, and instructive images combine to make these sheets vital components to the overall marketing effort. Shared in digital and print formats.


Living Color in Large Format

Oglesby Plants utilizes the capabilities of high-quality large format printing for trade show display. 10-foot-wide banners decorate booths and other events with imagery that reveals the art and science behind the production of tropical and foliage young plants.


Yearly Showcase

Oglesby Plants features the best of the best in their tropicals and foliage each year on the front and back of their price list catalog. Lush colorful images open and close the door to pricing and availability on the pages within.



B2B brochure introduces a hybrid concept in the burgeoning marijuana marketplace. Proprietary breeding and young plant production intended for finish growers is coupled with comprehensive retail packaging and presentation that offers consumers clones and how-to for home-growing. A total brand message and look from A to Z.


Certified Solutions

Created specifically for independent retail, the SynRGr® growers consortium’s exclusive plant programs are detailed in tabloid format with beautiful images and concise copy. Handpicked for You® certified plants and WorryFree® solution plants offer garden centers cutting edge genetics and true solution plants that address challenges in the consumer landscape.


A Gorgeous Case

Garden retail handout tells the success story for SynRG® growers’ lineup of exclusive Handpicked for You® plants. With a backdrop of stunning color, each panel details the unique concept in partnership of breeder, grower, retailer, and, ultimately, consumer gardener.


Carrying the Solution Message.

Simple in format and striking in look, 9x11.5 format portfolio features the first two groundbreaking non-invasive barberries in the WorryFree® collection of solution plants. Designed to hold a range of collateral literature about the program, a handy tool for growers or retailers.


A Dirty Approach to Beautiful Lawns and Gardens

Prescription Soil Solutions shines light on soil health as the key to successful lawns and landscapes. Specifically created for independent garden centers, PSS’s proprietary soil analysis algorithm matches soil needs to a garden center’s particular product line of soil amendments. Soil sample results from the homescape bring the consumer back to the store seasonally for prescribed products for soil optimization.


Try It. You’ll Like It.

Prescription Soil Solution reaches out in 3-D to introduce its exclusive product to a select group of high-end independent garden centers. This direct mail kit includes a variety of informative and incentivizing messages including webinar invitation, jump drive with video, owner’s message, and soil sampling kit.


The HIP’est Business Card Ever

In the traditional 3.5 x 2 business card footprint and utilizing an ingenious blend of pagination, die cutting, scoring, and folding, this card/brochure unfolds and refolds in a cycling 4-step sequence. Each face details an aspect of HIP Labels’ products and services. The business card that’s fun and unforgettable.


The Look and Feel of Wood

Direct mail puts Hip Labels’ exclusive plant tag substrate in the hands of its grower clients. The first 0% plastic/100% wood pulp tag material with recycled content was introduced with actual removeable stake and hang tag samples attached to the 2-sided flyer (also printed on the WoodTag™ substrate). After mail distribution, the piece was utilized as a trade show handout supported with 6ft. banner display.


Roll With The Innovators

Stover Thermal Tags & Labels presents its array of thermal roll tag products for nursery, greenhouse, and retail growers. Twenty pages of comprehensive offerings coupled with a position platform that separates Stover from the competition’s commodity approach.


Lining Up Company And Customer

Pleasant View Gardens, Proven Winners® founding partner, showcases its entire plant line annually in the ‘We Line Up’ 3-year marketing campaign. Visually rich and colorful, by the nature of product, 180-page catalogs are also extremely descriptive and detailed in plant information.


Gardeners Get The Inside Story Of Hydroponics

Consumer brochure explains the ‘no fuss/no fail’ promise for EasyGro Hydro™, a hydroponic house plant program. The self-contained system offers a revolutionary soil-less approach that takes the fear out of indoor ornamentals. Digital illustration in x-ray view explains the concept.


Direct Mail Gets Gardeners To The Store

Color-full and stretching across product lines, this retail spring post card campaign was used by garden centers around the country. Co-branded identity and customized message on the reverse sides offer economy of scale for printing.


National Celebrity In His Garden Of Eden

In this all-purpose wrap-around pocket folder, gardening celebrity P. Allen Smith was seamlessly placed in an artful combination of three separate images through the magic of Photoshop.