To optimize potential for success in any marketing endeavor, internal and external research and planning are keys. Understand corporate dynamics and determine your place and course in the marketplace- you’re on track for meeting short and long term objectives and goals.


Market Research

Commissioned research and study of key segments or audiences become the foundation for effective strategies and objectives. Understanding the dynamics and motivators of the targeted marketplace gives companies the tools for building strong brand position and articulation.


Marketplace Position

Evaluation and definition of a company’s product or service clarifies the unique selling position that ultimately infuses marketing efforts at every level and customer touch point. Coordination between products, production, and distribution/presentation to the end user maximizes efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing stance and message.


Business Planning

Informally or with structured analysis, periodic review and planning insures a steady course for short, medium, and long-term objectives. Analysis of business issues and metrics with key organization members sets the direction for the entire company.


Media Planning

Advertising budgeting and resource allocation result in defined media programs that keep companies informed, focused, and on budget. Regional and national advertising are utilized for maximum impact. Mix of print and electronic media reaches the spectrum of audience. Effective advertising planning and placement result from informed strategies and projections.


Novalis® Strategic Market Research And Planning

Strategic research and planning were the springboard for the launch of the Novalis® consortium concept and the consumer brand, Plants that Work®. Commissioned research of the independent garden center channel validated the idea that the market had room for a unique brand of plants. Periodic review and updating maintained the course as the brand expanded. Though currently scaled down to a more regional brand, the Novalis® concept is still a model for subsequent plant brands.