The best customer you have is the one in the store. That's where as much as 70% of the buying decision-making is done. Retail display that combines superior product with attention-getting signage, readily available information, cohesive arrangement, and functional presentation has been proven to increase sales.


Bigger Than Life Signage

Novalis was the pioneer producer of new billboard size printing processes for retail in the green industry. Advanced printing technology offer unlimited scale and new substrates like the mesh material used over shade houses.


Take A Walk On The Colorful Side

Treadwell’s entire program of groundcover plants is displayed in mosaic fashion on a 6ft vinyl banner. Eye-catching from a distance with colorful patchwork and informative at close range with labels for every variety, this POP works far and near.


The Center Of Ideas

This 40'x45' retail space was established as a research and development project for new merchandising ideas. Bench arrangements, sign prototypes, and product placement were set and cataloged for retailer education. Everything shown found its way to the real marketplace.


A World Of Vignettes

Small spaces are transformed into merchandised islands within the store. Large and small format signage, benching, upscale packaging and tags, combine for total effect. Coordinated look reinforces the brand and engages and persuades the shopper.