And the other things… it's not all about work, is it? Samples from the roots of my career as a kid drawn to drawing and the forever student, still exploring medium, technique, and subject. From the archives, a gathering of art and oddities. It's good clean fun and a break from the paid work.


Early Kegley

Around age 10, I was infatuated with Walter Lantz's cartoon character, Woody Woodpecker. I got his Easy Way to Draw book and so it began. Then, my period of hot cars, boats, and spaceships (herewith, a hybrid) and some proverbial paint-by-number.


Things Acrylic

I was pushed by school and attracted by nature to applications of acrylic paint. It sort of forces a fast pace which suits me. Here, some diffused and hard edge geometric explorations of color contrast, space and depth. And some exploration of…well…inspiration at hand- for a time I was a technician in a cockroach laboratory.


One Summer At The Beach

I did these for my children from our vacation by the sea a few years back. Acrylic on canvas, watercolor, and acrylic on masonite. A lovely time.


Things Come Together In The End

My philosophy in 3-D. These wood pieces were remnants of mistaken cuts from the ends of 2x4 struts used in a geodesic dome I built once upon a time. Had too much sweat in the construction to see them go to waste.