Brand Building

Developing and maintaining a brand is a process, be it product or service. A hybrid of strategy and tactic. Define what makes you unique. Develop smart actions around your unique selling proposition. Continuously execute at all touchpoints.


The reinvention of a Classic

A landmark market introduction combining a 75-year tradition in boxwood production with a 21st-century vision for advances in genetics and performance. Elements of identity, content, and imagery are utilized across trade and consumer arenas in print and digital formats including packaging, POP, video, collateral, and advertising and PR. A game changer for the classic landscape favorite.


Old Hand at Young Plants

Breeder, young plant producer, and industry pioneer in tissue culture propagation, Oglesby Plants International celebrated 70 years in business with a multi-faceted 2-year campaign. Logo update, coordinated outreach across print and digital trade media with editorial and advertising, video story, trade show presence, and collateral literature combined to spotlight a tradition of excellence in topicals and foliage.


The New Level of Lavender

Living up to its name, Peace Tree Farm’s Lavender Phenomenal® is now the industry standard and sold around the world. Introduced to industry media and growers with a distinctive look and message through press kit, collateral literature, plant label, and cultural information for producers.


High on DIY

Coming out of the shadows, cannabis marketing goes mainstream. PotPots was introduced as a retail/consumer program with sets of four starter marijuana plants to be grown in the home garden. B2B collateral and trade presence introduces the concept to retailers. Upscale packaging and in-store display present the live goods to the consumer. Variety-specific plant tags were on the cutting- edge of connective packaging with text-for-info links with complete information for growing.


Brand Message In and Out of the Garden Center

A roadmap for a consistent and coordinated outreach to consumer gardeners. America’s Best Flowers Garden Center focuses on JOY as the central theme in a template for marketing messages and in-house production that includes logo, flexible content, packaging, store signage, direct mail, clothing, and fleet graphics.


Taking Worry Out of the Garden

The best products solve problems. WorryFree was created to make selling easy for the retailer and gardening successful for the consumer. Every plant solves a specific problem in the landscape. Trade and consumer literature explain details. Engaging POP signage brings customers to the display. Distinctive packaging and large format tags capture attention on the shelf and provide key growing information.


The Healing Hand of Hemp

Not just another CBD me-too, ChyloCure’s Chylobinoid CBDa is a patent-pending hemp formulation that absorbs faster and more efficiently into the bloodstream. Collateral literature explains the complex chemistry to pharmacists and physicians for B2B sales. B2C packaging with state-approved product labels is supported with counter display, POP signage, and consumer handouts.

Raymond Evison’s premium clematis brand

From Across The Ocean

Multiple fronts acquaint North American growers and consumers with Raymond Evison’s premium clematis brand from Guernsey, located in the British Isles. Containers, tag, and POP signage for impact in-store. Press and product releases and article placement reinforce out-of-store.

Dothan Nurseries motivates consumers to the garden

The IT Factor Of Gardening

Retailers and growers are searching for what it is that motivates consumers to the garden. Dothan Nurseries’ IT campaign encourages gardeners to dive in and reap the bounty of discovery, family, and joy. Dothan is the seed that starts IT all. The mantras formed the basis for a host of Spring messages on platforms, from banners to direct mail to bench cards.

Comprehensive rollout of a unique retail edibles brands

A New Generation Of Gardening

The comprehensive rollout of a unique retail edibles brand utilizes the full range of components to make a big splash. Overdevest Nurseries partners with celebrity chef Jonathan Bardzik to introduce Footprints® Edibles as the industry’s premier farm-to-table edibles program. Brand positioning, PR and advertising, trade show, web presence, plant packaging, POP, and merchandising articulate the best of gardening’s hottest segment.

Thermal roll tag start-up Stover Manufacturing advertisement

Let It Roll

Thermal roll tag start-up Stover Manufacturing has become a major player in the plant label segment in a few short years. Mission: introduce a team of experienced partners with a new approach in a commodity arena and find ways to capture the attention of nursery/greenhouse producers and garden retail.

Different types of flowers from Novalis

Far-reaching Brand Statement

The Novalis® Plants that Work® brand was launched on the foundation of market research and comprised growers from all corners of the country, offering consumers solution-based plant programs from annuals to trees, including one of the earliest edible programs, Plants that Work in the Kitchen®. Brand messages included public relations, advertising, collateral, packaging, and merchandising. The consortium concept paved the way for marketing partnerships in today’s marketplace.

EasyGro hydro plant boucher

Hydroponic Tropicals Take Away Soil And Fuss

A new brand of indoor self-contained hydroponic ornamentals required education for retailers and consumers. The novel product that utilized a LECA pebble media with specific water level measure and maintenance called for presentation and collateral that spoke to the seller and end-user in respective and concise ways. The message was carried through the online trade show, POP, packaging, and handout literature. Custom cut-away technical illustration was rendered to explain the hydro system's working mechanics.