Brand Building

The photograph can say it all. Providing photo direction in the most interesting locations and of the most interesting subject matter. First class photographers, photo styling, attention to detail, and the ability to see things in a unique way, combine for striking imagery.


Fashion Comes To Horticulture

The marriage of haute couture and plants makes for hybrid presentation. Shady Lady brings elegance to the garden. Lemon Daddy is an outlandish portrayal in shocking green.


Beauty And The Beast

Hybrid of a hybrid: from the base image of the Double Knock Out®, this photo composite reflected the incredible dual nature of the industry’s revolutionary rose- exquisite beauty coupled with rugged durability.


Garden Center Dreamscape

Overview of the ideal garden retail setting with lush plant material, upscale benching, and the full range of POP signage from tag to giant banners. Photographed for promotional uses, the Novalis® Plants that Work® Idea Center was a testing ground for retail innovations.


Nature Is Art Is Nature

Macro view of hosta foliage takes the viewer into a natural world of pattern, rhythm, and green tones. The visual element for ads and signage, this image captured product beauty from a different perspective.


Plant Factory

Plant and structure merge to create a surreal industrial setting. Converging lines in multiple directions form dimension and depth. A solitary worker illustrates the massive scale of this state of the art greenhouse operation.